Christmas Jumper Day



Week 10th December

Eagle Owl Class have been writing descriptions of the Robin on his journey in this clip:

We have been focusing upon our setting description using ‘DADWAVERS’ to help us start out sentences in different ways.


Week 26th November

Eagle Owl Class have been getting ready for their ‘Green Screen Experience’. Out experience outcome this half-term is to become a news-reporter and using green screen, present our news report. The children have been practising what to say and trying out various images to put on the background of their green screen.

In literacy we have been finishing off our flashback stories and this week have written our own personal flashbacks to when we were younger. There has been some lovely detailed and emotive writing.

We have had a busy sport week too. On Wednesday morning, children went to a wet, muddy yet thoroughly enjoyable tag-rugby competition. On Thursday morning, the year 6 children went to an archery competition. This is something new we have started this year following on from the children showing lots of enthusiasm for archery at Kingswood. Thank you to everyone who has helped make sure these sporting events continue.

Week 12th November

This week Eagle Owl class have been looking at stories which involve a flashback. These include Harry Potter and Finding Nemo. We have then written our own flashbacks, thinking of a toy we used to play with when we were younger.

In Maths we have been learning about different measurements and changing between them such as miles and kilometers.  The class have also been solving time problems using the 12 and 24 hour time formats.

We have also been having daily activities linked to our anti-bullying theme this week. We have taken part in P4C, recorded slogans and used drama to thinking about various scenarios.

Week 5th November 2018

This week Eagle Owl Class have been writing newsreports about the sinking of The Titanic. We focused upon the formal use of language and including important information from the time. We then typed this up and will be finishing them off next week with a picture.

In Maths we have been looking at formal division methods: both the long and short division method.  We practised the methods before at the end of the week, applying these to word problems.

Our experience outcome from last term is complete and up on display!!! We have showed the inside of the Titanic by creating a cross section of the various rooms on board.

Week 29th October 2018

This week Eagle Owl class have been exploring 3 decimal place numbers. We have been using place value counters to help us make different totals and have then gone on to writing these decimals as fractions.

In science we have started our Animals and Plants topic and have been looking at sexual reproduction in plants. The children took apart flowers and identified the male and female parts of the flower and then went on to describe the process of pollination and fertilisation.

In English we have been writing recounts of the Titanic. The children have used all their knowledge from last half term to record a factual recount of events and have conducted further research to answer key questions about the sinking.