Science Day!

As part of science day, Eagle Owl class spent a day learning about blood. They made blood smoothies, created line graphs showing the percentage of donars from different blood groups, researched blood clotting and created games to show their new understanding.

Have a go at one of our quizzes:


How is blood clotting formed?

  1. A) The white blood cells push against the skin.
  2. B) The red blood cells expand.
  3. C) The platelets and fibrin join together.

How many blood components are there?

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6

Which of these are both real blood cells?

  1. Green and red blood cells.
  2. White and blue blood cells.
  3. Red and white blood cells.

How long can red blood cells be stored for?

  1. 35 days
  2. 4 days
  3. 1 year



Greek Tasting

Eagle Owl Class been tasting various Greek foods in preparation for our Greek day next week and creating our very own Greek flatbread sandwich.

Here are some pictures:

Week 7th May

Eagle Owl class have started their new science topic: circulation! We have been finding out more about the heart including the 4 main sections and valves of the heart.  The children described the process of de-oxogenated blood becoming oxygenated and then went on to create models of the heart using play dough.


Week 30th April

Eagle Owl Class have been finding out more about Greece. We have researched where Greece is and the countries Greece traded with. We talked about trading in our PSHE this week too, when have a class discussion about finances and pay. The children new lots about taxes already!!

Week 1st April

Eagle Owl Class have been finishing of their mountain websites this week. They have included a front page and by-line, biographies from famous mountaineers, places to climb around the world which are shown on a map, graphs to show varying temperatures across the continents and some description of the physical and human geography within these areas. They have worked brilliantly on these and they look great.

Today we said goodbye to Mrs Barraclough who is going to be teaching Hawk Owl class next half-term. We will miss having her in the class but lucky for us she is just next door.

Week 25th March

Eagle Owl class have been using watercolours this week to tell part of the Easter story.  We practised with different shades and tones and created colour palettes before painting our own background setting. You will see some of these at our Easter service next week….